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Senior Medical Epidemiology Expert

Senior Medical Epidemiology Expert

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Senior Medical Epidemiology Expert will support the CAMRIS team in Cairo, Egypt.


The primary responsibility for the medical epidemiology will serve as an expert and will to provide all personnel, equipment, supplies, facilities, transportation, tools, materials, supervision, and other items and non-personal services necessary to perform surveillance for infectious diseases. The Sr. Med Epi may write protocols, proposals, manuscripts and posters. Be responsible for project management starting from proposal writing for grants until data analysis and publication including dealing with Ethics committees. Share in strategic planning for the program and its future projects. Present data in national and international conferences.

The Sr. Med Epi will coordinate surveillance/research projects for the various U.S. CDC Egypt office programs as requested by the US CDC Egypt Country office to:

  • Sr. Med Epi is responsible for overseeing all activities related to a variety of surveillance projects platform in Egypt. The Sr. Med Epi will be expected to work closely with the Principal Investigator or Investigators for all Ministry of Health programs funded by the US CDC Egypt Country office and help coordinate the activities of other personnel contracted directly with CDC/MOHP/NAMRU-3 for the purposes of these studies.
  • Sr. Med Epi is responsible for providing administrative oversight and facilitating field activities at study sites associated with 1) ARI surveillance, 2) AFI surveillance, 3) AIND surveillance, 4) ADI surveillance, and 5) Tuberculosis surveillance as well as other surveillance may be implemented in the future.
  • Sr. Med Epi will facilitate collaboration between the Ministry of Health and Population’s (MoHP) Health Directorate offices in governorates, the MoHP’s activities funded by the US CDC Egypt country office including field epidemiology training program, and other activities funded by organizations throughout the course of the projects.
  • Sr. Med Epi is responsible for identifying and supervising all staff necessary for conducting surveillance projects.
  • Sr. Med Epi is responsible for organizing and supervising appropriate training for staff associated with surveillance projects.
  • Sr. Med Epi will assist the US CDC Egypt office and the MoHP to ensure that the personnel recruited for these collaborative studies are properly trained for their respective projects, including recruitment of parents/guardians and their children for study enrollment, obtaining written informed consent, and all other matters outlined in the associated protocols.
  • Sr. Med Epi is responsible for providing a final report related to any training provided through the contract and monthly progress report of activities.
  • The Sr. Med Epi shall assist US CDC Egypt office and the MoHP in providing research personnel to meet, educate, enroll eligible study personnel, collect historical data and biological specimens from volunteers, transfer data on a regular basis using smart phones and tablets, and to provide research personnel to clinically evaluate participant’s progress and problems with study.
  • Sr. Med Epi will ensure collaboration with and acknowledgement of NAMRU-3 and CDC for any official or printed reports or presentations related to activities conducted through this contract.


Misrepresentation of the Consultant’s qualifications shall be considered a material breach of this Agreement. The Consultant represents and warrants that they possess the following qualifications:

  • Medical degree and Epidemiologic training
  • 15+ years’ experience working in the MoHP’s Damanhur surveillance center of excellence platform in a leadership position;
  • 15+ years previous experience in project management for large public health programs such as Damanhur or similar projects with CDC, NAMRU-3 and the MoHP in Egypt.
  • Experience as a FETP advisor, trainer, etc. for ministries of health, CDC, and other collaborating organizations.
  • Has knowledge of the Egypt MoHP financial, administration management, and scientific activities.
  • Has published/presented on Egypt public health related syndromes, outbreaks, etc..
  • Certified and experience CITI trainer.
  • Has 15+ years’ experience collaboration with US government agency such as NAMRU-3, CDC, etc.
  • Ability to work both independently and on a team in an interdisciplinary environment at different levels of the organization.
  • Excellent communication and education skills.