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CAMRIS International is an international development and research firm that realizes innovative solutions to health and development challenges through high-quality, cost-effective program and research management services. With experience working in more than 80 countries, we combine our proven systems with today’s most effective, evidence-based best practices to improve the lives of people around the world. We apply a customized, customer-centric, cost-effective business approach to offer greater value to our clients and challenge the way things have always been done in our field.

CAMRIS clients include U.S. government agencies and multilateral and private organizations. Our core practice areas include public health, agriculture and food security, economic development, education, environment, humanitarian assistance, democracy and governance, and medical research.


CAMRIS is currently seeking Engineers to provide support to USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI). The objective of the upcoming indefinite quantity contract (IQC) is to provide OTI with the means to support U.S. foreign policy objectives by helping local partners advance peace and democracy in priority countries in transition.


Engineers may be needed to design and/or manage projects. Examples of possible types of projects are: water points, latrines, school roofing, road repair, irrigation systems/small darns and wells. Responsibilities will include:

  • Review and verify the construction engineering designs, specifications, and engineering submissions.
  • Monitor and report on the construction environmental compliance management program in accordance with USAID environmental regulations.
  • Provide services necessary to perform a Final Inspection of all constructed facilities.
  • Attend construction meetings, as needed and per USAID instructions, to discuss construction progress and challenges, resolve issues impacting cost and schedule, and prepare agendas for and issue minutes of all meetings.
  • Monitor overall construction-related project costs and adherence to the set timeframes and report to USAID costs that vary from the plan or whether project changes jeopardize the possibility of completing a construction activity within the budget and set timeframe.
  • Assist USAID in validating work completed for the purpose of invoice payment.
  • Prepare, as part of the quarterly reports, quarterly progress updates setting forth a narrative to inform the mission of the progress of the project(s) during the reporting period and include pertinent illustrative photos.
  • Inspect and monitor all the construction materials, equipment, and activities associated with the project(s) to verify that the project(s) is executed in accordance with the contract/agreement conditions and specifications.


  • Familarity with local and U.S. environmental protection regulations, be able to complete the Environmental Screening Report, and be able to work with the USAID Mission, Regional, or Bureau Environmental Office. 
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, preferably a Civil or Mechanical Engineering.
  • A minimum of 10 years of demonstrated experience in a capacity that involves oversight, supervision, monitoring, and management of construction activities, preferably in the domain of public works and infrastructure. 
  • Experience in oversight and management of design activities is an asset.
  • A minimum of 3 years of demonstrated experience as a client/owner representative.